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Support your Local Food Bank

Another way to help expand SFSP outreach efforts is to work with and support local food banks and food pantries. The Texas Food Bank Network and food pantries are integral components of the SFSP, often supplying sites with food for the programs or acting as the local sponsor. Your congregation may already support a food pantry by providing regular donations or volunteers. If so, contact the people in your congregation who coordinate those efforts to explore ways to help or ideas about expanding the partnership. If not, you should begin by contacting the food pantry in your area to explore ways to support their programs, especially during the summer when the needs for children are most critical.

Partnership and Support Possibilities
❑ Collect regular donations for critically-needed items.
❑ Find ways to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to local food pantries (be sure to talk this through with the food pantry first). Sometimes local restaurants, produce markets and grocery stores can donate excess produce—they might just need volunteers from your congregation to help connect the produce to the food pantry.
❑ Create a community garden at your congregation to donate fresh foods.
❑ Solicit and coordinate donations of fresh food from people in the community that have backyard gardens.
❑ Provide volunteers for the local food pantry or a pre-existing SFSP program.
❑ Offer your congregation as a SFSP site.  You can find out more about your local food bank through the Texas Food Bank Network here.